Here are 7 things you may not know about me. In the comments below leave me one interesting fact about you.

1. I am a book loving nerd. I read Shakespeare for fun. I was crowned Ms. English at Lawson State Community College. I also hold a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing. I have written 6 books. We have a library in almost every room in our home. I also hold a MS in Post Secondary and Adult Education. For my capstone project I tackled fostering a love for literacy in the adult classroom.

2.  I have a gypsy spirit. I feel like Mills River, North Carolina is home. We have a very secluded residence. I am extremely grateful. As child my dad was in the military, and we moved around quite a bit. I guess that is why I didn’t have a problem living in the following places:

Washington, D.C.
Gulf Port Mississippi
Albany, Georgia
Greenville, Mississippi
Asheville, North Carolina
Shreveport, Louisiana
Cheverly, Maryland
Alexandria, Virginia 
Birmingham, Alabama

3. Veganism is my religion. One definition of the word religion is a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. Being truly compassionate is new for me. Compassionate not only towards other people, but other things as well. Growing in to veganism has physically healed me, disciplined me, and taught me true compassion. The process is not a mystery, and the reward has been great.

4. I own my own business. No, really. I actually do run a social media company. I am part owner of  Aisha Adams Media Group. Check out my portfolio. We started this media group in August 2014. We have worked with several amazing small business owners, and have a lot of cool amazing projects under our belt. Our portfolio just keeps growing. I work with my best friend Chauncyne and my fantastic husband Raf.

5. I am left handed. Left handed people make up less than 15% percent of the population. Research shows that there is a correlation between left handed people and delinquent behavior. That would explain my rebel ways! I have always gone against the grain.  Another study revealed left handed people are more likely to have IQ’s over 140. I am certain my IQ is over 140…  I only made one  B in MS program.

6. I dream of being a renowned author and professional public speaker. In my current position I do a lot of public speaking, and I have written book here and there. My most current work  is for my company, and I love the topic… However, it isn’t my true passion.  I love helping small business owners connect, converse, and inspire their audiences. However, I want to tackle larger issues. I am working on it. I have decided to recommit myself to my dreams. That is why I started

7. I home school my son. I do have a valid teaching certificate from the state of North Carolina.  I was a public school educator for 3 years; I worked hard to serve my students, my community, and my state. I decided that public school was not the right place for me or my son. In my opinion it is oppressive for both the teacher and student.