Addissae Ethiopian Restaurant
48 Commerce St, Asheville, North Carolina 28801
Call for reservations: 828-707-6563
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Raf and I couldn’t wait to try Addissae, the new Ethiopian restaurant located in downtown Asheville. I think it makes a great addition to the variety of restaurants located in that area of town. The restaurant is chic, but quaint. It has an authentic East African feel. There wasn’t a single cultural misrepresentation in sight. As the new owners grow into their business, they are serving by reservation only.


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The Logo



The good news is we were able to make reservations on the same day. The reservation process was fast and effective. Unlike places I’ve been in the past, the reservation had no line or waiting which was awesome for us. I did get a chance to try the wine this first go around. The average cost per meal is around $13-14.00 before taxes.


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The Wall Art



They had a very interesting and diverse menu. I am going to always say that whenever a restaurant has more than three tasty vegan options; they have six. Some highlights are the Gomen which was served as Kale. I was expecting collard greens, but I was not disappointed. It was unique and delicious. Atliche Vegetables (which consists of cabbage, carrots, potatoes,  onions, and herbs) was our favorite. We ordered the family style veggie platter served on injera, which comes with a nice portion of all the veggie options. Injera is a yeast free and gluten free bread. I also believe it to be vegan; let me know in the comments below if you can confirm or debunk that.

Raf was disappointed that Addissae didn’t have a single tofu based dish on the menu. He is spoiled by other Ethiopian Cuisine we have had. He worries about getting enough protein a lot more than I do. In fact, we would probably eat there a lot more if we didn’t have to worry about how he would get his protein. They have bean based dishes and potatoes. This suits me fine. To be quite honest I could eat at Addissae as a vegan and never get bored. However, I do I hope in the future they expand their menu to reflect some tofu substitutions.


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The Owner and Waitress



The owners were friendly and nice. Although they don’t have a website, they have pretty active Facebook page (Click Here). It is very exciting to watch Addissae grow, and to not have to wait until I am in Atlanta to get authentic and tasty Ethiopian Cuisine.

Overall I think this is a great restaurant, and everybody should try it at least once. I might see you there.

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The lobby