If you think  an advertorial will add substance to your integrated marketing plan, here are some important things to consider

Who: Who is the blogger talking to?

Ask for a media page or an analytic report from the blogger. Don’t be alarmed if the blogger’s analytics of choice aren’t Google. There are lots of way to track blog statics out there.

You should also check the comments section of the blog and the social media comments for engagement. Sometimes these even lead back to social media profiles. This is a great way to learn more about the blog’s audience.

What: Does the content on the site resonate with your ideal client or customer?

Content is king! Good content is what makes readers flock to blogs. Not only should the blogger’s content be good, but so should your advertorial. You want to make sure that your product or service will entice the blog’s readers. For example: if the blogger does a lot of thrifting posts, a luxury brand may not be a good fit for the blog. The readers come to this influencer (the blog) to learn about saving money. A high fashion blog would be a more natural fit.

When: When is the advertorial going to be published? When will it be taken down? When can you expect a return on investment report?

In other words, make sure that you are clear on the agreement between you and your blog partner. Get all the details. Some bloggers may charge extra for ROI reports. However, the extra money is worth the information. Most ROIs include reach, shares, views, and other useful statistics.

Where: Where will your advertorial be posted and promoted?

Make sure you are in agreement with the section of the blog that your post will be featured in. Additionally, be sure to find out where the post will be promoted. This way, you will have an understanding of the marketing strategy. Bloggers generally post on consistent days. You want to do your part by sharing, liking, following, etc… Your current friends, fans and followers might end up becoming repeat customers.

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