was invited by Impact Magazine for an unforgettably inspiring conversation with New York Times bestselling author, producer, script writer, publisher, and CEO Zane. The cocktail of the evening was complementary Tiny’s Tequila. I had never had any version of tequila before. I had always heard  Tequila was hard liquor, but this was smooth, fruity, and fun. The atmosphere was grown and sexy, and everybody was still floating on the excitement of the African Americans on the Move Book Club Awards. Her words were treasures wrapped in rainbows. I know you hate you missed it. However, I have some of the best parts for you here exclusively on

Tunisha Brown, the editor of Impact Magazine, served as our host and moderator as we discussed Zane’s work and the her impact across various industries. While living in a rural town in North Carolina, Zane got bored and took to posting her juicy stories on the internet. From there, things took off for her.

“I was just having fun.” Zane giggled. “Ever since I was in second grade everybody said I would grow up to be a writer.” Even still, she kept her identity hidden for 5 years. In fact, Zane had three out of five books on the New York Times Bestsellers list before revealing what she was doing to her parents. She challenged her ambitious audience members to identify supporters and to walk in their gifts. Check it out:

Many people only know Zane as an erotic writer, but she explained to the audience that she writes steamy scenes only a few days out of the year. She went on to say how she works anywhere from 12 to 14 hours a day writing, scripting, editing, etc…

Zane noted how hands-on she is with her work, citing different authors she edits personally and explaining that she even writes the scripts for her shows and movies. Zane spoke about the difference between a writer and an author. Here is her take:

As an aspiring author, I was blown away by how Zane explained her journey. She confidently spoke about walking in her gift and having the ability to support others. After writing more than 30 books, 2 movie scripts, and producing her own show, Zane has worked with more than 100 other authors.

“You have got to get up every morning and say ‘I am that chick’.” she explained, pointing to herself.

Reminiscent of Kevin Durant’s quote “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”, Zane explains how the best authors are the ones who hustle. Here is why she says hustle beats talent:


Conversation and Cocktails was an amazing event! We also spoke with authors Tamika Newhouse  & Cesar Mason. The DJ was a nappy natural girl and the audience were dolls. I had a great time as a media guest hanging out with BLM Toiia from


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