Author: AishaAdams

They say to understand a man you must walk a mile in his shoes

I slip into the bedroom tie you up, tape your mouth shut, turn off the TV. Convince myself, there is no grip to get.   Make you listen to old poems by me, recorded in makeshift sound booths, by way of other men’s basements, using garage band. Poems are my favorite platforms I say. You try to mumble over the tape, what? I can’t understand you, I laugh. Slide my feet into your Sunday shoes, this will put an end to that though, I explain. Slam the door behind me.   Your shoes are loyal, don’t make a sound...

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Recipe For Stardust

INGREDIENTS: Soul music (Queen recommends rotating the music regularly. You don’t want your dust to be bland! My personal recommendations: Me, by Erykah Badu; Put Your Records On, by Corrine Bailey Rae; and Psalms 23, by India Arie.) A good night’s rest Grace from God A positive outlook …Yes even the mysteriiiies is all meeee…, You sing. Thinking to yourself, this feeling is intoxicating. I could bottle this up and sale it. But if I have to choose betweeenn/ I choose meeeee. Right on key with the song, you bump along, snapping your fingers. Chiming in and throwing up...

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Sundiata’s Smile (Why I am so #HandsOffAssata?)

  Sundiata’s Smile I.   Every time I get one of his letters, I hug it. I press it close to my chest and hold it there until I am moved to tears. I pull his picture off my wall and sit it on the nightstand next to my bed. Of all the pictures that I have seen of him, this one is my favorite. He is standing against the wall of the visiting area and wearing blue prison scrubs. At 69, he has more muscles than wrinkles. His eyes are shaped like almonds and are the color of...

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