One of the easiest things for me to give up was regular ice cream. Don’t get me wrong; it was tasty, but the ingredients… Most ice creams are just plain toxic.

  • Diethyl glycol replaces your eggs and is commonly used as an ingredient to make anti-freeze.
  • Aldehyde C-17, your cherry flavor, is a flammable liquid used in dyes, plastics, and rubber.
  • Piperonal, your vanilla flavor, is a lice killer.
  • Ethyl acetate, your pineapple flavor, is a substance used to clean leather and textiles.
  • Butyraldehyde, your nut flavor, is an element of  rubber cement.
  • Amyl acetate, your banana flavor, is an oil paint solvent

So, when I found So Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream, it was love at first taste. I started off sharing a pint with my husband every now and again and went to having a full blown addiction. This came complete with giving him the side eye if asking for a spoon full. Yo– That stuff is good… I can’t front. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar.  The second and third ingredients are sweeteners on the label. For my new label readers ingredients are labeled by quantity, with the larger quantities being at the start of the list.

However, after 45 days raw, I didn’t want to go back to my old habits. I needed a fix. A lot of people say they eat banana ice cream. There are a lot of recipes out there… Make it chocolate, add peanut butter, etc..  For me, this recipe is about being tasty, easy, raw, and sugar free.

Seriously, all you need to make the perfect banana ice cream is one ingredient.

Ingredient: Ripe bananas

Portions: One banana made one scoop.

Prep: Slice the banana up, lay the slices flat across a plate and let freeze for 1 hour and 55 minutes.

Prepare: Put the bananas into the blender and blend…

BAM, you have banana ice cream! If you place it back in the freezer, it will firm up a bit more. However, you can also enjoy it right away. I didn’t add peanut butter, salt, or whatever. Honestly, I am a plain ice cream kind of girl. However, in the future I could easily add a couple of strawberries and raw cashew pieces to liven it up. This is perfect for any aspiring raw foodist. If you make this, let me know how it works out for you.

I know some of you are thinking; “I will stick to my Blue Bell; it hasn’t failed me yet”. Well, currently there are some serious recalls on several of their products due to listeria contamination. The spokesperson from Blue Bell said that the products could potentially be harmful to children and elderly people. It could also very well be harmful to people who have a weak immune system. Healthy adults are at risk of symptoms such as fever, headache, diarrhea, etc… Be mindful that listeria infections can also cause miscarriages and stillbirths.



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