I am vegan, and I don’t believe in hunting, killing, or eating animals. I am sure by now you have heard about the killing of the Zimbabwean Lion, Cecil. How could you miss it? It is everywhere…

Since becoming vegan, I’ve come to appreciate all life; even the lives of creatures I may not understand, like spider or snakes. When I first heard the news about Cecil The Lion, I thought it was horrible, and it is. I wondered how Walter Palmer could be so cold. I know a lot of people loved and adored Cecil and I also stand firmly behind the idea that it is wrong to kill animals. Therefore, in no way am I saying I approve of the actions of the murderer Walter Palmer. However, over the last day or so I have noticed petitions, tears, and outrage for Cecil that I have not seen in cases such as Sandra Bland, Jonathan Sanders, or Samuel Dubose. Cecil’s death has definitely pushed to light how so many animal rights activists value the lives of cats and dogs over the lives of humans. In my community, we say this amongst ourselves because we have seen countless examples of this.

This is extremely disturbing to me. This isn’t for all animal rights activists; I realize there are some of you who care about the lives of all people and animals. However, some of you have taken this Cecil thing a bit far.

Fuck your petitions, your tears, and your outrage over Cecil The Lion. Although the death of Cecil the Lion is unfortunate, it just isn’t that deep. You guys are doing the most over a big cat, and I am disgusted by Americans who are trending this story but continuously remain silent over the 62 unarmed people who have lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement in this country over the last 7 months. I am just tired of you turning a blind eye towards American human life and then sending me animal petitions. As a vegan, I am not saying animal issues are not important. I believe that animal issues should be met with some passion and intensity. However, I need to go on record as saying I feel there needs to be a hierarchy. Human lives trump the lives of lions, whales, and dogs.

I read an article that stated the Zimbabwe Conservation Force said “Cecil’s cubs will probably be killed so that Jericho can insert his own bloodline into the females.” I have to say this is just sad. It makes me wonder: what do you think will happen to Samuel Dubose’s 13 kids? Or what about Jonathan Sanders’ 2 kids? In 2012, 890,000 children living in Zimbabwe lost one or both parents to AIDS. Where are your tears, your outrage and petitions for them?

By the way, where were you when Palmer was fined $3,000 and given a year’s probation after pleading guilty over the illegal killing of a black bear in Wisconsin in 2006? This man has had to go into hiding for killing a cat in Africa, while Travyon Martin and Eric Gardner’s killers live among us. The man who killed Jonathan Sanders is on a “family trip”. Where are your tears, outrage and petitions?

Enough is enough…