The Nation of Islam and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan are organizing “Justice or Else” in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March: A Day of Atonement. Twenty years after the spirited Minster Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, led the Million Man March in Washington D.C. in 1995, he is asking us to convene in Washington again. Will you be there?

“10.10.15 Justice or Else” is a national meeting in Washington D.C. to discuss, on a large- scale, the injustices Americans face.

In 1995, Black men from across the United States met at the National Mall in one of the largest demonstrations in Washington’s history… even larger than Martin Luther King’s famous March on Washington. The march was organized and hosted by the Nation of Islam; however, Black men from all over the country and from every religion gathered together to pledge to work towards unity and revitalization within their communities.

The overall purpose of the gathering was atonement. On that day, Minster Farrakhan also asked march participants and supporters not to spend any money to illustrate the power of the Black dollar to the national economy. Aside from Minster Farrakhan, other influential people spoke like Rosa Parks, Jesse Jackson, and Dick Gregory. Although there were no statistical gains according to reports, if you meet men who participated they will tell you the impact this event had on their lives.

This time, Minster Farrakhan is not just calling on Black men. He is calling for anyone, no matter their race, gender, or religion, who feel they deserve justice and fair treatment from the United States Government. His vision is for everyone to stand in unification against our failing system. In a statement to his social media followers, Minster Farrakhan explained this will be a peaceful assembly, and that a strong show of unity is all we will need to make a strong appeal to the government.

At present, there is no formal platform or plan written for appealing to the government. However, Minster Farrakhan has been traveling and listening to community concerns, and simultaneously organizational meetings are being hosted in cities all across the US. If you want your voice to be heard, please plan to attend one of these local meetings. Many local committees will be chartering buses to DC.

How to find your local organizing committee? Click here

I got a chance to speak to Yonasda Hill, an organizer traveling with Minster Farrakhan; “This is the closet thing to heaven we will see here. Everyone will be there.” She went on to tell me that they are expecting nearly 2 million people to attend. She assured me this was not a symbolic gathering, and there would be no marching.

Any American Citizen who is ready for Justice should attend and be ready to unify economically by not participating in Black Friday Sales or any shopping activities. Black Lives Matter did a similar protest last year. In 2014, $50.9 billion was spent during the 4-day Black Friday weekend, down 11% from last year. Several organizations, individual activists, rappers, etc… are showing their support and urging everyone else to do the same. Show up for “10.10.15 Justice or Else” and be ready to boycott.

This occasion will be historic because Minster Farrakhan plans to finish and deliver a speech based on notes from a speech Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was preparing for before his untimely death. Additionally, according to Yonasda, this will be the beginning of change for us.

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Although this event is being hosted by the Nation of Islam, it is open to all genders, races, and backgrounds. Will you be there?