Goldie and I have been friends for about 10 years. He is has a gentle spirit and is one of my best friends. We found a private moment to really catch up after the meet- up, and I wanted to share what we discussed. I am really getting into positive affirmations and manifesting.




I am learning from watching those close to me that we can be our own worst enemy. Mental stability is a basic building block of happiness, balance, and progression. Far too often we allow TV networks and radio stations to handle all of our programming needs. At the end of the day, affirmations are about being your own director and producer. It is okay to affirm yourself, your dreams, and desires. Affirmations empower us to be responsible for our own programming. It is a true act of self-love to encourage yourself.

Books :

You can heal your life

 101 powerful thoughts

 Everyday Positive Thinking