This is a sponsored post. The stories and opinions expressed in this are truly mine, and I excited to share this with you.

One thing about me is that I love gifts! I’m not really a flowers kind of girl though, I like household appliances and other gadgets that make my life easier. My husband on the other hand can be kind of tight with money, and that is why we both love Groupon Goods. For example, last month I really wanted to get a pair of wireless earphones. I hinted to my husband that it would be awesome if he could “gift” me a pair. Within two weeks I had an awesome pair of wireless earphones on my bed when I got home from work.

Aside from receiving gifts from my husband via Groupon, I have used it buy gifts for my son and other family members. It beats going to the mall any day.

Groupon Goods are awesome because they sale a variety of products. You can get just about  anything  want or need on sale.  I have the Groupon App downloaded on my iPad and iPhone. I have my settings set to receive updates on local deals, but I almost always adjust my settings when I travel to different places.

You can also keep up with Groupon via Facebook & Twitter.