I have a very special place in my heart for local co-ops.  Co-ops are exemplary systems for sharing wholesome food and nutritional education.  I am fascinated by them and feel they are both revolutionary and democratic in nature.  I personally believe that constructing these types of community solutions to solve larger political food problems make the world a better place.





The Hendersonville Co-op is one of my favorite co-ops.  The people who work there are knowledgeable and friendly.  The hot and cold bar is full of delightful vegan surprises.  Now there is more; they have  relocated into a larger store and they have extended their hours.  The co-op is open until 9:00 pm Monday-Saturday.  They will also be open until 8 on Sundays.  This is exciting because the co-op is an excellent fast food alternative for dinner.  With the expansion, they now have a full smoothie and juice bar, a salad bar, and hot bar. Plus, an herb bar They have expanded their menu as well.







The new and improved seating area is great for a family outing, date, or business lunch.  Utilizing our co-ops means a lot to me. Picking products that don’t hurt our environment is important for us all.  Plus, the co-op supports the local business owners. What a great place to shop!



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Adams Family Recommendations:

Vegetarian: 1. potato salad 2. spinach croquettes 3. brownies
Vegan: 1. cashew tofu spread 2. roasted potatoes 3. brussel  sprouts 4. seitan 5. vegetable tofu wrap