Mathew Knowles is a successful talent manager, college professor, and dad. He took a few minutes to talk with me about his book, The DNA of Achievers. The book highlights several characteristics that all high achievers possess.

At first glance, the characteristics are all cliche; vision, passion, work ethic, etc… However, within the book are worksheets, stories from several high achievers, and gems that can only be dropped from someone with Mathew Knowles’ success. The most valuable part of the conversation for me was when he discussed parenting. Since he raised two super successful daughters (Beyonce Knowles Carter and Solange), I knew he would have something profound to offer. Check out our conversation below….



Editorial Notes: Tickets for Mr. Knowles’ nationwide workshops have not gone on sale. I will share the link via my social media as soon as dates and times are confirmed. To get an autographed copy of the book, please click here.



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