If you haven’t already…

Meet Doriyan.


Doriyan is my 13 year old home-schooled son (sun). We are extremely excited about his academic journey. Since coming out of public school his interests have peaked in science, reading, math, and music.  His school day and assignments are not traditional, but they are packed with value. I felt like Doriyan needed something a little bit more relaxed, but  also more rigorous. I know it seems oxymoronic, but it wasn’t.  He needed a more hands on personal rigorous  kinesthetic based education.  Doriyan eats well (85% vegan), and needs to burn a lot of energy. Also, I felt like it was important to create an environment where his diabetes was not considered a distraction.

Doriyan is currently working to build an electronic roller coaster model. It will stand two feet tall.

2014-12-24 10.56.28

In 99% of pictures of  his pictures you will notice that Doriyan has on headphones. He loves music. He told me the other day that he knows that his purpose is centered around electronic music.

2014-12-18 14.51.08

I am excited about the progress he is making as a middle school student. However, I more impressed with his progression in to manhood. He has improved in every academic subject, but the his biggest gains have been personal. More than that he is excited about learning again. He has decided he no longer wants to just go out and get a job. He is looking forward to joining an engineering program when he is completes high school.