I am very excited about this raw session. We will be eating raw from April 13 till May 13. For us, this means no meat, dairy, or eggs. No processed foods. We also do not apply any heat to our food. I have been doing these raw sessions in 21-30 day increments all year. It has had a profound impact on my life. My chronic pain has reduced significantly, my skin glows, and I feel so much lighter. Plus, I also have more energy. I wanted to share my favorite raw foodist kitchen favorites with you. The blue links are click-able and you can order recommended tools straight from this blog.

All raw foodists should love a blender. I personally have a Ninja. It can be used to make smoothies, ice cream, and guacamole (amongst other things). Once I even made a raw avocado and broccoli soup during my raw session. I use my blender most days for smoothies and ice cream.

I am all about juicing. I love my juicer by Breville. I juice as often as I can. During this challenge I drink only water and green juice. Green juice is an excellent source of  healing energy. If you are nervous about how it will taste, just add one pear. To learn more about how we make our green juice click here.

I use my ceramic knives every single meal. Ceramic knives are chemically inert. This means they will never brown your foods like steel knives do. For example, when you cut an apple or potato with a steel knife it  almost starts to brown immediately. Also, the surface of ceramic knives will resist germs, so they are great for people who suffer from certain allergies.

I have had my salad spinner for 3 years. I finally opened it this year. I found that I was wasting too much dressing and not getting enough flavor from the salad. It was because a strainer simply doesn’t get all the water out. This waters drowns your raw dressing. My salad spinner fixed this.

My cutting board. Eating a lot of fruits and veggies means a lot of cutting. I am cutting lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower, and broccoli several times a day. My cutting board ensures that the plate is pretty, and that it is easy to get my combination of food quantities just right.

Currently these are the tools I am using the most.  There are more tools below that I am interested in picking up over the course of this 30 day session.

My next purchase will be this veggie pasta maker. I think it will be nice to add some veggie noodles to my salads. I also can then experiment with veggie pasta salad. I have read a lot of reviews and this is the brand I will try. If you have a veggie noodle/pasta maker let me know the brand you recommend.

A lot of people dehydrate things when they go on a raw diet. I don’t have a dehydrator, but I hear it is all that. I am not really interested in eating dried fruit and veggies personally, but you might be. I want one because I want to be able to make cool things for Doriyan.

I wouldn’t worry very much if you don’t have all these tools. You can still be very successful during the raw food challenge. These are just the ones I use. Create your flow. Share your favorite tools with me. Eat what is permissible and what you like. I didn’t get all of my tools over night. This has been a 3 year journey for me.


Please reach out via Facebook if you want to join the challenge.