Soul music (Queen recommends rotating the music regularly. You don’t want your dust to be bland! My personal recommendations: Me, by Erykah Badu; Put Your Records On, by Corrine Bailey Rae; and Psalms 23, by India Arie.)
A good night’s rest
Grace from God
A positive outlook
…Yes even the mysteriiiies is all meeee…, You sing. Thinking to yourself, this feeling is intoxicating. I could bottle this up and sale it. But if I have to choose betweeenn/ I choose meeeee. Right on key with the song, you bump along, snapping your fingers. Chiming in and throwing up your hands, cause you are just feeling Erykah Badu. Ain’t no two ways about this one. You rub your deodorant on up under your shirt. Throw that elbow back a little and motion your upper body up and down, get the groove. Hey that’s meee um hum… There you go. This takes some energy hence the good night’s rest. Damn it seems it came too quick… Sounding as good as it gets, you glide on the Wet n’ Wild, Glassy Gloss Lip Gel across your lips, while tapping your toes to the beat. My ass and legs have gotten thick / yeah it’s all me… You validate yourself to what sounds like a shaker made out of mahogany wood, with a purple net wrap with shiny white cowrie shells attached tied around it. Swerve those hips around. You know this is real. But now I am filled with so much love. The way that you don’t have to look at the clock while you bop around, you just assume it is 7:13 and it is! I just let it go and be me/be me…The dress you wearing didn’t need ironing, well, well, well… Plus, there is food in the refrigerator from last night. He took you out. Which means you got some last night too. I leave it ‘lone now baby/ Just be me… And you had a Tofu caesar salad add cucumbers so it’s a healthy breakfast. It doesn’t even bother you that you are about to go be over worked and under paid. This is how you conjure up that stardust. In this world of greed and hate/they may try to erase my faccee/But Millions spring up in place/oh believe me… You bend your elbows to do that thing Michael Jackson use to do with his shoulders as you try to do the moon walk. It looks good only cause you have Mary Jane’s. So you’re sliding more than anything else. It doesn’t matter anyway, you are judge and jury. We all shall grow before it’s done… Cause you are mee… Feels like a soul workout. Too deep in the song you just keep going on and on with the trumpet. You realize you have been off key all the while. You let yourself slide because it is now just you, the trumpet, and Erykah Badu. You don’t stop cause it feels to good, you are singing the theme to Yogi Bear about her mama, Colleen. Then the average bear…thinking about your own mama. Snap your fingers. Even though it was, you would never ever know it/ It’s time for battle!

This essay is from my new book available via Amazon: THE APPARATUS OF A WARRIOR.

Commentary:  I was trying to copy Ralph Ellison‘s style at the start of Invisible Man. Let me know what you think. I used one of Erykah Badu’s songs. Girl, no need to try to sue me. I can’t write about my life without lyrics to your songs. You sang for the world. Check out the song here.