Luna’s Living Kitchen

2000 South Blvd Suite 300

Charlotte, NC 28203.

Phone: 704.333.0008.

Mon – Sat: 8.00 am to 9.00 pm (Closed Sunday)


Trying to eat raw, clean, and vegan while traveling can be a challenge. We had a chance to check out  Luna’s Living Kitchen in Charlotte, North Carolina. I wanted to let you know there is a jewel tucked in a little corner on South Boulevard. Entrees cost between $9.00-15.00. I don’t believe that eating healthy should be expensive. The amount of food, the ambiance, and the quality of the food make the experience worth it. Our family of 3 spent $37.00 before the tip. Our price point is preferably no more than 12.00 a person, so our family considers this a tad bit pricey but nothing to complain about. We realize that jewels can be expensive. This is an amazing restaurant.


Their philosophy and services:



Luna’s Living Kitchen


They create organic, plant-based, and mostly raw cuisine with ingredients purchased from local farmers markets and family owned farms. All are served fresh and artfully (of course). Aside from the cafe’ style menu, Luna’s has a full service juice and smoothie bar. Additionally, they sell a cold-press juice cleanse and drop ship dry vegan snacks like granola and energy bars.


The atmosphere:



our seats


The Review

Although the food came fast, this isn’t your typical fast food experience. This chic and trendy kitchen is decked out in beautiful fabrics, fine art, and soul. You will have to wait to be seated unless, of course, you head over to the juice bar. The ambiance is great for just about any occasion; a date, a work meeting,  family time, or alone time. The day we wandered in they were playing soul music. The waitress was friendly and the energy was good.


The Food:


Rarely do we find something that is extremely good for us and that is good to us. Luna’s Living Kitchen has found the bliss point for raw vegans. I tried a total of 5 things on the menu; 3 entrees and two side dishes (see below):


Mock Tuna Sandwich


Classic Burger


Taco Salad

The plates were fresh, mostly raw, and filling. Each one was delightfully interesting. The classic burger was made with warmed hummus. I usually serve and eat hummus cold so this was an exciting change. The mock tuna salad was scrumptious; they added seaweed to give it a fishy taste. The taco salad was 100% raw and so were the spicy crackers that came on the side. I didn’t notice a single dish with tofu on the menu. This restaurant gives me hope for the raw food movement. Luna’s living kitchen makes raw vegan sexy and hip. I can’t wait to go back.