Go ahead and judge me, but my pictures look better than yours.

Raf and I picked up my Selfie Stick from Best Buy. Best Buy is awesome because they price match, so we ended up paying $12.99 for the stick. I decided to go with the plug and play version because I don’t need anything else that needs a charge. I love that the #Selfie Stick can live in my bag until I need it.

The telescoping rod has a feel like an old TV antenna, but it extends to a full 3.5 feet and is much stronger. The clamp can just barely hold my rather large, 6 inch iPhone 6+ in its case, but it does keep it locked and steady. That said, the #Selfie Stick isn’t just for your phone. It also fits cameras that have a standard tripod mount, but I wouldn’t put any camera much larger or heavier than an I-phone 6+ on it. The shutter is triggered by pressing a button on the handle; the wire on the other end plugs into a standard headphone jack, so make sure your phone or camera has that option for control before you buy.

I believe the #Selfie Stick is here to stay, and it’s not just a fad. As a professional blogger, it is a great companion for making videos and taking pictures for blogs and social media. The best part is the head rotates 180 degrees, so you can definitely get the angle that you are looking for. It’s also useful for taking regular, non-selfie photos and videos from new, previously unreachable angles and distances.

In my opinion, the one I have is a great introductory #Selfie Stick, and would be perfect for new bloggers, social media fun, and teenagers. I am looking to invest in a more technologically advanced #Selfie Stick for Aisha Adams Media soon.

Check out this video I created with my #Selfie Stick





You buy the stick I have right here:
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