“I believe it is important for every individual to give to back to world the best part of themselves”  -Aisha Adams


I am excited about my personal passions, and would love to have your support as I give back the best part of myself to my community. As a small business owner, a mother, and a woman I feel it is my responsibility to share the things I have learned. I am extremely interested in taking on social wellness as an initiative for the rest of the year. I love what I am doing through Aisha Adams Media, and I am not looking to make another career at this time. I simply want to help and give.

With that said, many of you are still asking…

What is it that you want to do?

I want to work on a very grassroots level with individuals and family, teaching them about eating well, working with their youth at home, and growing their own businesses. So many people have asked for my help, and I want to go and help. I don’t want to be a doctor, or nurse… I want to be a nurturer; so many people need nurturing…

I want to go shopping with mamas who are on a budget.

I want to teach the youth how to make healthy snacks.

I want to organize tailgate markets in food deserts.

My Mission

My mission is to engage my audience in the idea of living in harmony, seeking positive, interdependent relationships with others, and developing healthy behaviors through many different forms of media.

My Goals

The overall goal of these small projects is to expand my mission beyond the page. I am ready to engage my platform via face-to- face meetings, workshops, interviews, etc…

Support Me

1. Make a donation! (Money donated will go towards project supplies and expenses.) 2. Invite me to your area! I want to collaborate with you. (I am excited to participate in workshops, talks, groups, classes etc…) 3. Spread the word. (Share out the good stuff from my blog. Help me continue to develop a readership.)


Please make your donation on the side bar or send it directly through to msaishawrites@gmail.com.