I just got off the phone with Governor Pat McCory’s office. Elected lawmakers on Monday night approved House Bill 405. This bill allows business owners to sue employees who conduct undercover investigations by recording video or sound in places that they are not authorized. Many animal activists feel like this bill is to counter the exposure of animal cruelty that is happening in places like poultry farms and other agricultural facilities. Therefore, the activists are calling this bill the “ag-gag bill”.

Let’s be clear; business owners in every industry are protected under bill 405. This bill makes me think twice about who I vote for and who I work for. This bill ultimately stops people from exposing any illegal, unethical, or negligence activity in any workplace. The way this bill is written could discourages teachers and nurses from reporting abuse.

Currently, the bill is on  Governor Pat McCory’s desk. I urge you all to call and let them know where you stand, whether it’s for or against this bill. Here is the number: (919) 814-2000.

I love my animal friends, and I show that love by abstaining from eating all animal products. I am aware that veganism is not everybody’s cup of tea. However, this bill puts the people of North Carolina in danger on so many levels.

According to ASPCA, “Opposition is strong across all parties, regions, and demographics”. More than 70% of likely voters polled are opposed to any legislation that would prevent undercover investigations. Why are our elected officials more concerned about protecting unethical businesses practices than the well being and the voice of the people North Carolina?

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