If you remember my last testing update, you know that Doriyan is as smart as a whip. However, you might have also remembered he needed some additional help with his writing. When we discussed his writing scores, Doriyan let me know that aside from not feeling confident in his ability to convey his thoughts, he was also worried about his grammar. Although I enjoy working with him one on one, I wanted and something more structured. Like any parent, I wanted to ensure Doriyan would finish his ninth grade year writing well. More than that, I wanted him to feel comfortable expressing himself on paper. Therefore, we decided to try Time4Writing.

About The Course: High School Essay Writing

The purchasing process was easy, and we were delighted when he was assigned to Mrs. Clever’s class. While there was little to no interaction between him and the other students, he received detailed feedback directly from his teacher on most assignments. Each Time4Writing course is 8 modules long. This course  covered the entire essay writing process. Plus, by the end of the course Doriyan had written 3 different types of essays. The course was 99.00 for the entire 8 weeks. I later discovered that if your student is already enrolled in Time4writing, you can save 10% by looking for the coupon code within the Time4Learning administrator account.

My Review:

One mistake we made was jumping directly to the essay writing course. It wasn’t all bad, but I think it made a difference in Doriyan’s overall score.  Mrs. Clever pointed out Doriyan’s grammatical issues often. It was interesting to watch Doriyan develop his own relationship with Mrs. Clever. For example, he came into the bedroom one night and said, “She isn’t playing, she highlighted my sentence, but I have to try and figure out what I did wrong.” In her personal messages, she inspired him to work hard. Doriyan spent a lot of time working on each assignment, and it did not come easily for him. Mrs. Clever often challenged Doriyan to re-think, re-write, and re-submit his work at times.

His final score was 89.87%. More than that Doriyan learned real strategies for developing thesis statements, writing solid body paragraphs, and editing essays. There were a lot of days where I watched Doriyan actually struggle through the course. I honestly felt sorry for him over the weekends. Sometimes he worked countless hours on his essays, and with a great deal of passion. I was impressed by the rigor built in to the course, but I was also proud to see Doriyan step it up. He valued Mrs. Clever’s notes and felt some type of connection to her via the internet.

I blended this course with Doriyan’s Time4learning.com English 1 course and his independent reading assignments in order to ensure we hit all of the Common Core Standards he needed in order to receive his English 1 Credit. We are moving to English II.

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