I am so glad that you have decided to take your hair back to it’s original state. Why waste another second transitioning? My suggestion is this: just be natural. More and more women are doing the big chop. In other words, they are cutting off the processed portions of their hair and letting their natural curl patterns develop. One of the models in this post, J. Joelle, has a variety of tutorials for short natural styling or the TWA on Youtube. She also has products and other cool tips you might like. I think the short natural is a bold and beautiful look. She rocks her short natural with confidence; I am such a fan.




I have to tell you, I have never transitioned myself. I did a big chop before it was popular. I enjoyed the attention. My Facebook Hair Crush right now is model, author and CEO Feona Huff. She has been natural for 23 years, and she is currently rocking a short natural. She slays the news feed with her bold and fierce looks. Check out her book “Powerhouse Pointers: Motivational Messages for Personal and Professional Empowerment.


Not Ready for the Big Chop?

3 NappyNaturalGirl Approved Transitioning Resources 

1. Black Naps

Black Naps has an entire portion of their website for transitioning naturals.

2. CurlCentric

CurlCentric has a wonderful free download on how to grow natural hair.

3. StrawberriCurls

StrawberriCurls has an entire section on protective styles. A lot of naturals wear protective styles when trying to grow their hair.




Also, check out the Style section on this blog for additional hair related posts from time to time. Aside from J.Joelle, there are tons of Youtuber’s out there covering natural hair. I say pick a few and watch them; before you know it you will have all kinds of hair styles. I hope this answers your question.