Many of you have been anxious to see what we have in our home garden. Initially, I didn’t take a lot of pictures because we have been busy renovating. Today we made a lot of headway, and I’m ready for you to have a peek. I want to answer some of the questions I have received about our garden.

Why are you growing a garden?

I have always wanted a garden. As a child, many of the adult women around me kept a garden. It felt natural. The more I began to learn about food politics and how it relates to our community, the more I began to understand the need to break away from big chain grocery stores and to focus more on the origination of my food. While I am a strong advocate of supporting local farmers and local businesses, I understand the power of growing my own food.

How long have you been gardening?

Last year was our first year, and we didn’t yield as much as I would have liked to, but we learned a lot. This year we are taking what we learned and slowly, but steadily are completing a sustainable container garden. We are using planting pots, old dresser drawers, and storage bins; they are working out beautifully. Our garden is non-gmo and organic.

So what am I growing?

I am planning as I go. I don’t want my imagination to be bigger than my space and budget. As we find containers and space, I plant what I feel would save us the most money. Today I planted cucumbers.  Cucumbers are one of the fruits that I actually eat 3 times a day.

Here are some close ups of some other things in the garden:


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The potatoes and the strawberries are from last year. The kale, chard, and basil are new additions. We are thrilled to have them. These things will make excellent green juice.

What’s next in the renovation process?

I have lettuce starts that need to be moved into a a bed/bin. You guys know I eat at least two salads a day, so lettuce is priceless to me. I am excited about growing my own.

How long before we eat?

We have been able to pick a strawberry here and there. Recently, we transferred the strawberries in order to give them room to create runners; as a result I am expecting a lot more strawberries. The basil can be used anytime; I just have to remember to take from the top. The rest is a waiting game. I have 62 days before the cucumbers mature.