Do you have a word wall in your house? We do!

This wall keeps important home school terms and concepts visible for our entire family. This way Doriyan does not forget what we deem important. Plus, Raf and I don’t forget to create teachable moments. This wall is useful for most of our home school activities. For example, if Doriyan is working on a summary or essay he knows he can use the word wall to help him brainstorm material or beef up his vocabulary.

3 unique things about our wall
1. Our wall has words from all disciplines. We even included magic math words. These are words used in word problems that help learners decode action steps.

2.  The bricks on our  wall are old flashcards. Doriyan has to at least be able to identify, pronounce, and define a word before it makes it to the wall. When he noticed that his wall was almost full. He said, “ I am learning a lot of words. I am going to need another wall.” I think that him seeing these words quantifies his knowledge in a way that is rewarding. Notice in the picture a word can be flipped to reveal the definition.

3. Our  word wall includes doors. I wanted our wall to be in the center of our action. We keep it close to the kitchen, right across from the dining room table.  The wall  can not be ignored. It makes a great conversation piece for guests.


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