I am excited to inform you guys that I have joined Youtube Noir. YouTube Noir is a group for black content creators that was conceived by Youtuber JerseyisNaked with some assistance from our co-founder, Youtuber J.Joelle.

I joined Youtube because I was looking to make authentic connections across the world with like-minded individuals. I had no idea that I was building a brand until small business owners started reaching out to me because of my influence. Over time I began to see a decline in engagement on Youtube. It seems that even with hundreds of subbies, my views, shares, and comments were on the decline. So was the amount of content that I was producing. Could it be that I was no longer feeling connected? Did the algorithm changes Google made affect my Youtube audience? What was my content lacking? Was my channel too simplistic? Should I be editing more? Was my social media reach on the decline? All of these questions are valid, and should be questions that good content creators are mulling over.

The truth is I needed a resurgence. YouTube Noir is a bold move to cultivate positive, community based, black programming. I am excited to be a part of  the group. We are developing our voices and our channels together. My views are up, my engagement is up, and I have a community to bounce ideas off of.  As fans of many Youtubers it is exciting to see content creators expand their brands via video content and production.

YouTube Noir is a black content revolution.

One of my favorite Youtuber’s, Shequwet, invited me to join. Youtube Noir  has enhanced my sense of connection to Youtube as a whole. I spend time everyday cultivating these relationships and keeping up with my friends whom I have been following. I joined because I want to make more meaningful content that benefits the world as a whole. The threads in the group are helpful. The vibe is supportive.


I had a chance to catch up with the fearless founders of Youtube Noir to discuss the purpose and plan behind YouTube Noir.

NNG: I am so excited to have a chance to interview you ladies. Let’s start with the basics. How long have you ladies been on YouTube? What made you start your channels?

JERSEYISNAKED: I have been on YouTube seriously for a year but I’ve had an open account for 3 years. I started my channel as a tool of self-reflection. My fiance’ (now husband) took a job overseas and I missed him dearly. So, I would turn on the camera and talk to myself about my emotions to process the separation. Saying that out loud makes me feel a little nuts but most creatives are right? (Laughs)

J. Joelle: I have been on YouTube since fall 2012 I believe. I started as a hobby. I love to share with others and I saw how other people were sharing their daily experiences, be it their hair journeys, their fashion sense, or their families. Because I was interested in natural hair and had just graduated with a degree in apparel product development, I figured that was something I could share with others.

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NNG: I love the direction that Youtube Noir is going in. There is an expectation for engagement, but there is also an expectation to create high quality content. How did you come up with this concept? How long did you stew over it before you decided to start it?
JERSEYISNAKED: This concept came to me in a dream. I woke up and screamed at my husband that I knew what to do. Of course he stared at me with loving confusion and allowed me to finish. I jumped out of bed yelling. What about the little channels like me? Why don’t we get the respect because we aren’t Michelle Pham or Jenna Marbles? Why aren’t there any popular YouTuber’s from our culture on that level?

I paced for hours while writing on a my thought board. I said this has to be for my people. My husband then shouted “It’s a Youtube Noir!”. I was like YES! I was so excited; the first person I thought of was my Youtube sister Marra. I wrote her on Facebook and said “we need to talk” and the rest is history.


NNG: Youtube Noir has exploded in only a few short days. Apparently, there are a lot of content creators that are looking for this kind of community. How many members are there? What are the membership requirements? Is there a cap on the number of members that will be accepted? What attributes would the ideal candidate for membership have?

J. Joelle: We currently have 153 awesome and talented members of Youtube Noir! The membership requirements are pretty simple: Be an active content creator who uploads at least once a month, have a clear direction that you would like to take your channel, and be committed to supporting all members. There is no cap for membership. Our goal is to create a large community for Black content creators where we can share and support. So the more the merrier! The ideal candidate would be goal oriented, have a spirit to create and share, and be committed to the success of the community as a whole.

NNG: What impact do you feel Youtube Noir has made on the larger Youtube community? What are some of the challenges that you feel Youtube Noir content creators still face?

JERSEYISNAKED: YouTube has never experienced a whole community of African-American vloggers banding together in this way before. This concept is so new and different to this platform that I am not even sure people know what to do with it. The excitement around it alone is overwhelming. I hope that this platform we’ve created can get our black audiences to have more identifiers in our communities through YouTube.

I think the challenges we face as content creators are the machine and the ability to master the internet for what it’s worth. They don’t give you any meta-tag or keyword tutorials before joining YouTube. It is a free for all. You’re just hoping that your video ends up somewhere to be seen. I think it’s the education of it all that is truly the challenge.




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NNG: In the group, you speak a lot on brand growth and networking. I love it! What are some of the ways Youtube Noir creators are learning about branding, collaborating, and networking?

J. Joelle: Currently we’re putting together some awesome ways that we can help each other with growing our brands so I can’t let too much out of the bag. But the group in and of itself is a networking platform. All of our members have met great new people that they can lean on. Our monthly collaborations are also a great way to network. It allows our members to draw ideas  from their peers.

NNG: Black Twitter gets a lot of buzz for making bold statements via social media. Do think YouTube Noir will engage in any political statements?

JERSEYISNAKED: YouTube Noir isn’t politically driven, however if the situation arises and our people need help we are open to support in anyway we can. Noir is about black content creators having a platform to expose their art.

NNG: YouTube Noir is hot and relevant. What makes it sustainable? What can we expect to see in the future?

J. Joelle: The community is sustainable because it is more than a group; it is a community. We are all here to learn from each other and lean on each other. It’s also sustainable because we are constantly growing and moving. Our goal is always to be part of the Youtube conversation, and at the rate we are going there’s no stopping us. Again, I can’t let too much out of the bag. If Jersey wants to tell you that’s completely up to her (laughs). This is her baby and I’m not sure what she chooses to share right now. But I promise, it will be freaking epic!

JERSEYISNAKED: What makes YouTube Noir sustainable is our will to keep going and our ability to have something for everyone. People connect with different people for different reasons that enables continuous engagement and long time viewership. The sky is the limit for YouTube Noir. I plan to take over YouTube with our community. YouTube, we’ve arrived, and we’re Noir.

Check back later this week as Youtube Noir discusses what makes content great!!!



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