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More Than a Blogger

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The blog is now NAPPY THOUGHTS.

More Than A Blogger

Don’t get me wrong. Blogging is an amazing and effective way to connect to the world, share information, and establish a presence. Writing is my foundation, my joy, and my business. That said, I’d like to take a moment to share with you the other wonderful things I have to offer like my web series, The Asheville View and my marketing company, Aisha Adams Media. Take a moment to explore and connect with me on my other sites.

Aisha Adams Media

Coaching and marketing company

Equity Over Everything

Social equity organization

The Asheville View

Web series for and about Asheville

Nappy Thoughts

Aisha’s personal blog that shares her nappy thoughts

Contact Me

Contact Aisha for speaking engagments or anything else.

Aisha Adams Media Group was founded in 2014 by Aisha Adams. Over the past five years, her team has helped small businesses and nonprofits bring profitable but conscious content to social media via quality content, workshops, speaking engagements, strategic planning, web design, business coaching and development.

1:1 Coaching

Work with Aisha 1 on 1 for one hour to better connect, converse, and convert over your ideal clients through a website audit, campaign consultation or strategic problem-solving session.

Build & Launch

Do you know how to build and launch a complete and effective social media campaign for your product or service?

Join Aisha and her team for the Launch Intensive. In this small online workshop, you will create a compelling campaign that you can tweak and duplicate to sell your product or services over and over again.

The Tribe

Receive a monthly masterclass, access to a members-only support group, and the opportunity to send your questions directly to Aisha.

Development & Marketing

AAMG offers development and marketing for established businesses and non-profit organizations.

Strategic planning is essentially the process used to help organizations stay aligned. 

Equitable and inclusive marketing means creating content that truly reflects, informs, and celebrates the diverse communities that your organization serves and influences. 


”The Asheville View” is a weekly daytime-style talk show hosted by Aisha Adams, Myriam Weber and Kirby Winner w/special correspondent Dr. Sharon Norling. In the opening segment, the hosts offer their personal take on ”Hot Button” issues. Afterward, Dr. Norling responds to health questions in the Ask The Doctor segment. In the second half of the show, the hosts interview various celebrity guests. Known for their edgy content, style and witty banter the show hosts share the grit of all things about Health, Wealth, Family and Equity in Asheville.


Equity Over Everything’s mission is to advance equity by closing the gaps in social equity, entrepreneurship and homeownership within low resource communities across the south.


EOE Has 3 Goals


To establish a safe space that is inviting and supporting to community members where they can tackle tough issues, laugh, dance and thrive.


To establish incubation, acceleration, and co-working programs that are inviting and supporting to businesses built by minority entrepreneurs from all walks of life.


To establish a homeownership seminar with 6-month, 12-month, and 24-month wrap-around support for minority individuals and families from under-resourced communities to help remove barriers.

Nappy Thoughts is the new home for the content that you could previously find on

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